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【POWERFUL SHOWER SYSTEM】The real-time temperature display function allows you to quickly adjust to a comfortable bath temperature. No battery is needed, plugging in is not necessary, water is injected from the bottom device, so that the magnetic spray wheel rotates, so that the internal magnetic unit generates electricity.
【3 Water Outlets】Piano keys are independently controlled, top spray/Manual/bathtub faucet, each water outlet has a corresponding switch, key functions are clearly marked.
【Enjoyable shower】12-inch overhead shower, silica gel water outlet, self-cleaning needle is automatically ejected, smooth water flow without obstruction. 360° rotatable adjustment, adjust the comfortable water outlet angle. The handheld shower head has 3 adjustable settings including rain mode, mist mode and pulse modes.
【Multifunction】The hidden spout quickly fills the bathtub, improving not only design but also practicality. Equipped with bubbler, the faucet can filter impurities from the water. The pressure handheld bidet spray is used for privacy cleaning which has a very good effect. To clean the buttocks in the menstrual period can avoid bacteria caused by hand washing to ensure healthy use.
【Fits all your needs】With the adjustable handheld shower holder, precisely positioned at the right height, ideal for Kids! Meets the needs of each family member. The 59″ PVC shower hose can perform targeted cleaning.