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» Seat can be heated and temperature is adjustable
» Hot water facility and its temperature is adjustable
» Movable massage-moving spraying (back and forth) (only for remote controlled model)
» Warm air drying and air temperature adjustment
» Self-cleaning nozzle
» Nozzle position adjustable
» Water pressure adjustable
» Built-in automatic body sensor
» Thermostat installed
» Both bidet lid and seat have damping buffer 
(Close softly and silently)
» Bamboo charcoal deodorization to absorb the odour
» Intelligent power saving mode
» Multi-safeguards
» Female flush (bidet)
» Posterior flush
» Pressurized flush to help defecation
» Kids function
» Auto function
» Intelligent remote control
» Silver colour nozzle
» Connect as S-Trap or P-trap ( Dual Option
» Dual Flushing mode
» Rimless & Washdown flushing system
» Back to wall Deign


► Wash with warm water gently and neatly
► Great and comfortable for sensitive skin
► Less mobility by taking care of themselves without relying on others
► Hygienic wash with pressing one button
► Aged people can take care of themselves without relying on children or nursing assistant
► Children can clean themselves since young age
► Intensively massage with powerful water to improve bowel movement
► Reduce chances of disease infection and invading germs during gestation
► Effectively and conveniently hygienic during menstruation
► No need to use toilet paper, save more trees and prevent pollution
► Avoid possibility of bacterial infection

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 510 × 900 × 145 cm
Operational Mode

Remote Control, Side Control Panel




AC110-130 / AC220-240V – 50Hz/60Hz ( optional )

Water Pressure

0.8 kgf/cm2 – 7.5 kgf/cm2 (1 kgf/cm2 ~- 0.1 MPa)

Water Supply

Direct connect to the water pipe

Warm Washing

Water pressure control adjustable
Temperature control (4 level, room temperature / 33oC / 38oC / 42oC adjustable )
Wash Heater power : 1350W
Tank capacity ; 1L

Warm Air Dryer

Power : 250W
Temperature control (4 level, room temperature / 45oC/ 50oC/ 55oC adjustable )

Warm Seat

Power : 50W
Soft-closing lid design
Temperature control ( 4 level, room temperature / 30oC/ 35oC/ 40oC adjustable )

Power Code Length

1.5 metre


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